Pulsation Dampener Sizing Info

In general, the majority of pump pulsation problems can be traced to and remedied on the suction side of a pump – even though some symptoms may show up on the discharge side In feeding the pump. It is imperative to maintain a steady flow of fluid through the suction valves. Also, the fluid column must attach thoroughly to the face of the plunger to achieve complete cylinder fill on the suction stroke. Therefore, it is recommended that pulsation Stabilizers be attached to the suction side first, then the discharge Side of a pump.

Pump Capacity

Determine the amount of fluid a pump will be moving, at what speed, and at what pressure. Indicators: Number of plungers, Bore, Stroke Length, RPM Suction & Discharge Pressure.

Fluid Type and Temperature

Fluid that is pumped must be compatible with the internal cartridge material.

Pump Opening Types and Sizes

The pulsation stabilizer opening should match the opening on the side of the pump on which it will operate. This will guard against unwanted acceleration or deceleration of fluid a5. If it passes between the pump and stabilizer, always defer to the next larger size should an exact match not be available.

Pump System

Before installing an IEQ Enterprises pulsation stabilizer, be sure to consider the makeup of the overall system. Be aware of system characteristics that could effect a stabilizer decision such as a5, other pumps running in line, upstream/downtream pressure considerations, fluid composition, or multiple pumps on a common header.

To Size Stabilizers, We Will Need

  • Pump Stroke Length
  • Pump Connection Sizes and Types
  • Suction and Discharge Pressures
  • Fluid Type and Temperature
Pump Stroke Length Cubic Inch Stabilizer
2-1.5″ or shorter 100 cu. in.
3″ to 4″ 300 cu. in.
5″ 500 cu. in.
6″ to 8″ 900 cu. in.
10″ to 12″ 1200 cu. in.


Pump Stroke Length Cubic Inch Stabilizer
2-1.5″ or shorter 100 cu. in.
3″ to 4″ 300 cu. in.
5″ to 12″ 600 cu. in.
10″ to 12″ 1200 cu. in.


NOTE: The stabilizer opening should be the same size as the pump opening or larger. flanged and threaded sizes are available from 1′ to 8″ – depending on the series.

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